Vee offers a smart, online, volunteer scheduling dashboard made for businesses. 

Save your time.

Vee’s easy to use, online Company Dashboard is all you need to organize and schedule all your brand’s volunteering efforts.

With this intuitive, fast, and efficient management platform, it will only take a matter of seconds until you find the right organization for your available staff.

Company dashboard.

Opportunity for growth.

 Increase productivity and collaboration by bringing your teams together for a good cause.

Group your staff to build cooperation and leadership while inspiring and motivate them to be the best they can. Volunteering makes your employees feel like they’re a part of something big… and they are! Your company is not just a business, it’s a part of your community. Giving back to your community is a part of being socially responsible.

More than a dashboard

Admin Suggestions


Preferences Sorting

Personal Tracking

Volunteering History



Company Goals

Location Based Sorting 



Automatic Reminders

Vee’s features designed to work for you

Track your impact.

Vee's platform gives you all the insights you need to remotely explore your team's best accomplishments.

You can access and monitor all of your employees' reviews, see who initiates projects and encourages others, and learn more about your team, as human resources. Vee's visualization tools help you see past the data and get insights about your employees' performance.

What's next?



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