Advanced management dashboard for non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs.

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Create, build, & manage a community of volunteers in minutes.

Vee’s easy to use, real-time Recruiters Dashboard is everything your association needs to schedule, recruit, organize, review, and motivate your volunteers, and do it so fast and simple, you’ll actually enjoy it.

Recruiters dashboard.

Innovative, remote, and cost-effective. 

Vee is helping you save time, money and resources, so you can focus on your real work - to help others. Vee is an innovative, remote, and cost-effective way to unlock the human potential and reach a wider audience of volunteers - that are just the right fit for you.

More than a dashboard

Thank You Button



Personal Tracking

Volunteering History





Dates Tracking

Automatic Reminders


Vee’s features designed to work for you

Simple, inclusive, and built with the best.

We built Vee with the best technology and designed it for everyone to use, simply and intuitively.
It doesn't matter what your role in your organization is – whether you're HR, a Team Leader, a Volunteer/Event Coordinator, a Manager or an Independent Social Activist – using your Recruiters Dashboard will help you do your job better and faster.
Vee's mission is to make it easier for you to create collaborations, improve and maintain communication with your volunteers, and most importantly - to influence a broader audience.

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