5 Trendy Ways to Engage Employees and Boost Motivation

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Motivation at work is something we all strive for but hard to get, as work can be sometimes annoying and unpleasant. As employers, we would like to see all our employees motivated and ready to perform on a call, but it is rather wishful thinking than a reality in many cases. Moreover, identifying when employees are less motivated, and the signs for it are a true gift. But some practical tools can be applied to engage employees and increase their motivation, from empowering the sense of community at work to actions such as volunteering.

Here are 5 useful tips for doing so:

1. Show interest in your employees

Several studies held in recent years have proved that companies that demonstrate a genuine interest in their employees enjoy greater engagement rates compared to other companies in their industry. Therefore, don't be afraid to build long-term relationships with your employees. It will pay off as they'll feel highly valued and essential to you and the company, thus resulting in greater motivation and satisfaction at work.

2. Build a community and nurture it

One of the hottest positions in many companies nowadays is the community manager position. This position did not exist a decade ago, but it has grown and developed out of necessity. Companies have got to the conclusion that traditional concepts of employer-employee relations might not be relevant anymore. From a hierarchical structure at work, organizations must shift towards a horizontal structure that emphasizes the importance of community. But it is not only the responsibility of one person who holds the title of the community manager to nourish the community at work and among employees. Managers, executives, and other leaders at work should find their way to approach employees, show they care and lead by action. When this happens, the sense of belonging improves, resulting in more motivated employees who feel more connected to the company.

3. Cooperation and extracurricular activities

Workplaces can indeed be a highly competitive place. But modern workplaces excel not only in competitiveness but also in cooperation and collaboration between employees and across different divisions. As projects are more complex and require several people's operation, and sometimes even multiple teams, cultivating an organizational culture that views collaboration as paramount is critical to boosting your employees' motivation. One of the best ways to do it is to engage your employees in extracurricular activities. One of the best activities possible is to volunteer together.

4. Volunteer, everyone benefits from it

By volunteering together, employees may benefit in several ways. First, they get to do something good together, give back to the community and enjoy some quality time outside of work. Currently, many employees choose their workplace based on these values. Therefore, leading by example and providing them with the opportunity to volunteer may generate greater appreciation towards the organization and increase motivation.

Moreover, by engaging in such activity, employees can get to know other team members in a rather 'neutral' environment and discover new things about their peers, creating a better workspace for everyone and leading to greater trust and engagement between employees.

5. Constantly communicate

A clear vision leads to engaged employees, and when everybody knows exactly how their work is related to the greater mission, it is much easier to increase motivation. So don't be shy, share your plan, let everyone know where the company is heading and how they can contribute. Everyone will benefit from it.

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