An HR Guide for Returning to the Workplace After COVID-19

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It seems like COVID-19 is slowly disappearing. Terms we all got familiar with, such as quarantine, social distancing and masks are put off the table and we all need to adjust to the routine that we may have forgotten.

Whether it is the traffic jams, going back to work or even see the pants of everyone after a year of Zooming and attending meetings directly from our living room. But COVID-19 was a serious blow, and HR at workplaces must address its impact on employees, organizations, and everybody around us.

Here are some basic recommended ground rules that HR managers and HR teams might want to adopt:

1. Listen to your employees

During the COVID-19 many habits have changed, some for good and some for bad. One of the most striking habits from the pre-COVID-19 period was simply the habit to commute to work on a daily basis. But as social distancing increased and working from home became an integral part of our lives, people have started to get accustomed to this type of work. But working from home has had additional implications, including tremendous influence over work-life balance. Suddenly, people who used to see their children late at night or even solely on weekends have spent some meaningful time with their kids and their family. Therefore, returning to work after COVID-19, and commuting again to the office may generate some frustration and anxiety from your employees. Listen to them, to their feelings and allow everyone to share their concern from this new normal.

2. Do not be afraid of flexibility

Flexibility seems to be the name of the game after the COVID-19, with more and more work formats entering our lives, flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt become more and more important in workplaces. But flexibility is more than technical working arrangements and allowing employees to spend a day or two per week from home. It is a mindset, and HR managers should adopt it and nurture it across all levels within the organization, including the awareness of employees' needs and, in some cases, their desire to let off some steam.

3. Your community is your asset

After so much social distancing for more than a year, it is easy to forget that human beings are social creatures. We need other human beings around us, and we thrive as the community around us is stronger. Let everyone know that you are here for them, that they can trust you, and that your organization and its community will be there for them whenever needed and to support them. Your employees will thank you and cherish it.

4. How about some volunteering

The COVID-19 has left many around us weaker and with multiple concerns about their future. One activity that can bond all your employees and have some added value is to give together to others. The Vee platform makes it simple to volunteer together, improve team bonding and strengthen employees' relationships by spending meaningful time helping others.

Engage your employees with hundreds of volunteer opportunities on one simple platform.

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