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Stop scrolling and check these stats:

🔸 In a survey by Deloitte, 82% of HR said they are more likely to choose candidates with volunteer experience on their résumé. Yet, they see volunteer experience listed on only 30% of the résumés they receive.

🔸 92% of respondents agree that volunteering improves employees’ broader professional skill sets and leadership skills in particular. 88% of them found volunteering plays a key role in developing a strong character, and 85% found volunteering helps talent advance their communication skills.

🔸 61% of millennials consider a company’s commitment to the community when deciding on a potential job.

🔸 Despite these results indicating that volunteerism is a valuable tool for developing and acquiring talent, 47% of employees said their workplace does not offer a volunteer program, and 66% of respondents who reported that their employer does not have a workplace program would like their company to offer one.

More and more organizations are joining our community. Not just to volunteer, but to make their employees' work experience and development much more enjoyable and meaningful. Join us today!

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