Do you feel there is never enough time in the day?

Are you always running to do all your to-dos, whether it’s your projects at work, your exercises and hobbies, or your precious time with family and friends? Maybe you’re even rushing to read this post right now?

So, let’s keep it brief:

Studies show that helping others leaves people feeling as if they have more time, not less.

Well, yes, objectively, they have less time. But here is the catch - giving your time to a good cause makes you feel more effective, self-sufficient, and useful. Volunteers often feel capable of accomplishing great things and that they can achieve even more in the future.

Amazingly enough, the most common reason for not volunteering is a lack of free time.

A classic chicken and egg situation, right there. And the truth is, you’ll never find the right time to volunteer. You have to make the time.

And the best time is now ❤️

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