How Can Employee Volunteering Improve Your Employer Branding?

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The Beatles famously sang that ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’, and the fact is that not only love can’t be bought solely with money but also employer branding. Many of us think that employer branding can be achieved only through high-profile campaigns, involving well-known figures and shiny locations. But the truth is that there are multiple ways to increase employer branding, and one of them is much easier than you would think. Volunteering.

Yes, volunteering can significantly improve your employer branding, and here are some of the reasons why:

New employees value your commitment to the community

Usually, and up until recently, the dominant paradigm was that the best way to attract employees was by offering them lucrative perks and benefits such as yearly bonuses, yoga and Pilates classes, trips, concerts, and even private chefs that make breakfast every day. Sure, that’s nice and it can attract some people. But today, young employees, especially millennials and generation Z employees, will judge you according to your commitment to the community. They want to know if you are here just for business or that you aim to make the world a better place for all of us. Therefore, one of the most efficient ways to improve your employer branding is to offer some volunteering time to your employees. Eventually, it will pay off as you will attract high-quality talent that will appreciate your approach to life and business.

Increased PR value leading to high business value

Think about how much you usually invest in PR. You make tremendous efforts to spread the word about your organization, increase public awareness of it, and let everyone around you know about it. Whether it is by media or additional channels, there is no doubt the PR efforts are something that we are all concerned with. But with volunteering, it is much easier. You can show the value of your business, the causes you care about and the team spirit of your organization.

Events at your workplace that everybody benefits from

While your employees will surely appreciate you for engaging in volunteering activity, you will also have the opportunity to increase team bonding across divisions at your workplace. Volunteering can be a fresh way to engage your staff and try out leadership opportunities in a new environment. Your employees will thank you for the opportunity and maybe some new ideas and partnerships between them can sprout.

Strong employer branding is ultimately about developing a strong company culture and employee experience. What better way to do that than volunteering?

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