How to Recruit Volunteers Online?

Our most valuable resource is volunteers. People willing to donate their time and energy to an important cause, and with their help, nonprofits and organizations can better carry out their mission.

When recruiting volunteers, it's imperative to remember that recruitment is a sales job.

Instead of listing requirements and qualifications, the best recruiting post should list things that will attract suitable volunteers. Think about it as a volunteer wanted ad. Keep in mind the perfect person for your mission at hand, and let's dive in.

After signing in to Vee's volunteer management dashboard, begin by creating an activity.

1. More Than a Title

The first thing potential volunteers will see is the title.

The title influences the potential volunteer's decision to read more and should be about THEM. Use a title that fully describes the volunteer's role and reflects who you are looking for and what they will be doing. Try not to use more than four words.

For example: "Collecting Donations for Needy Families" or "Social Media Manager."

Potential volunteers looking at your post will see your organization's name, so there is no need to mention it or provide any other information. Keep it straightforward and simple.

2. Describe the position and activity.

The description gives potential volunteers a general idea of what they'll be doing. Elaborate on how the volunteering is performed and what is required from the volunteer to do. For example: "Need strong men who can lift crates," "You will help children learn math through online tutoring."

Make sure that your applicants know what they are signing-up for and what they can expect from the activity. The more information the volunteers are given, the easier it will be to decide whether they can fully fulfill their volunteering obligations.

Please notice that this is not the place to write about your association in general, your threshold requirements, or desired volunteer hours.

Tip: Instead of referring to them as "the volunteer" or "the right candidate", talk directly to your audience. Tell them about your cause, and more importantly, what they can do to contribute. Help them visualize themselves performing the job. Making the process more personal will encourage them to join.

3. One-time or Ongoing?

You might need volunteers for a specific task at a particular time, or in a more general role, for any help they can give.

The next step will be choosing whether the activity is a one-time event or ongoing volunteering.

One-time events are for events with a fixed duration—say, next Thursday at 19:30.

This is the best option for when you need to recruit many volunteers and the qualifications required are minimal.

Some examples may be distributing clothes or cleaning the beach.

Ongoing volunteering is for activities in which the volunteer has no fixed timetable or cannot be expected to know the timetable in advance.

For example, you might need to coordinate a schedule with a third party or conduct an interview before you can confirm their application.

Use this option for recruiting volunteers with specific skills or for remote volunteering (content writing, QA mentor, etc.).

In case you don't know when the activity will happen, write the available range of times, and then coordinate with the volunteer directly.

4. The Basics

Location. Fill in your activity's exact location, or select the "Volunteer remotely" option for virtual volunteering.

Your Contact Info section is where you tell volunteers how to get in touch with the project coordinator for this specific activity.

5. Filtering and optimizing

Vee's algorithm is designed to find the perfect match between volunteers and available roles. Use our filtering and optimizing tools to achieve better and more accurate results at a faster time.

Volunteer criteria - you can list any requirements you have for potential volunteers here. Preferred age, sex, qualifications, certificate of no criminal record, and anything else you think is relevant.

Activity Photo Size & Best Practices

The picture is the first thing a potential volunteer will be looking at when they scroll down Vee's volunteering marketplace. Find an image that best represents your volunteer activity.

Tip: Using photos from previous activities can help users visualize expectations, which can result in greater volunteer participation.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

There's plenty of space to write all the information you need.

Let your photo speak for itself and serve as a direct eye-grabber without interfering.

Keep your images free of text and logos.

Photo Size

The best size for Vee activity photo is 1500 x 1000 pixels.


It's essential to tag your activity according to your activity's nature to draw in the right kind of volunteers. Our algorithm matches your volunteering roles to people with the most interest based on how you tag them.

Tip: there is no limit to keywords you can add, but to get the best exposure to the right audience - choose only the categories that fit your specific activity.