Vee are the People: Meet Maayan Zweig

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

For more than a decade, Maayan Zweig develops social money and increases income engines for essential organizations and social activities.

We asked a few questions about civil innovation, crisis management, social vision, and how to translate it into revenue.

Here is what she had to say:

What does Impact Development Consultant do?

I consult startups on how they can support a weakened population. I help NGOs hone their messages, learn how to make money not through donations, but through sharing and through sales. I believe money should always bring value to society and still be profitable, and it’s not just a lesson for companies and organizations. I teach youth from the periphery how they can become rich by giving more value to their communities.

Why do you think it is important that corporates and companies volunteer?

I believe volunteering as a company is the future.

It should not be experienced as something “out-of-this-world amazing” activity but as a character line built-in DNA of the company.

Sadly, very often, we are not in a giving state but a survival state. “Yes, maybe one day we will volunteer. After we have had enough of our own”.

You put yourself first to become stronger.

But the truth is - if you want to strengthen yourself - help someone else with your strengths. Giving is a tool for empowering an employee. Giving is a tool for empowering development.

NGOs fail because they are always in the state of “give me, please donate, we are poor.”

This is wrong. Giving should come from your strengths. The same goes for associations and organizations that need support - first, they need to know how to stand on their own two feet.

What personality traits make a good leader?

Say yes to your emotion. A mission is full of emotion.

Be confident in your passion, and be stubborn about your vision.

You deserve it, so insist.

If you love to dance - dance.

Go with your passion - you never know what it leads to unless you do it. That's the story.

There is a reason for your passion. There is a reason for what you are going through in life - turn it into an opportunity.

Say yes to everything.

What made you want to influence people?

I saw a powerful man suddenly collapses and doesn’t know how to ask for help.

With at-risk youth - their behavior is an attack. It’s like a battered dog barking and biting. So first, let's calm the spirits, and then let’s give them the tools.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs who want to reach a high level of influence?

Make your own asset map.

Take all the strengths, all the good things you’ve got, and your character traits, all the weaknesses, everything that contains who you are, and turn it into an asset for your vision.

If you've been through an abuse case, what can you do about it now?

You're still alive. You’re still breathing. You have air in the lungs - do something about it.

These are the issues that you are connected to. It’s precisely what you need for your vision.

This is the next step: Do it with passion.

Without passion, there is no creation. Without passion, you will not conquer mountains.

Know your identity very well before you go out. And then just go for it.

Courage is an impulse wrapped in boldness. You just go for it, you are scared, but you still go for it.

Crisis happened. Where do you go from here?

The Coronavirus happened; a lot of people have lost their jobs & their businesses.

How do you turn that into something useful?

Take the crisis; make that the opportunity to leap forward. There's a reason you're still here.

Corona days, the business environment is changing. What can be done in these uncertain days?

Sustainable local economy. The powerful help the less powerful.

Why? Because when the less powerful will become stronger, the more powerful will need his support.

You should always help others.

No person is unworthy. No soul is unworthy.

Investors are passionate about the essence, not just the profit.

If you do not give and help through your added value, you miss your meaning these days.

Tell about a special event that happened while volunteering.

I pay attention to people who don’t say they need help.

Usually, those who give help to others don’t feel worthy of support for themselves.

There was an Ethiopian family who does not know Hebrew and does not know all the Israeli bureaucracy. The mother is sick with cancer, the father has to work, two of their children are in the army, and one younger sibling is still in school. The kids, being kids, want to be independent and live their life but had to help their parents. They collapsed. They had to become their parents’ parents and didn’t have the tools for that. Yad Tamar got to help them - to make food for them, drive the little sibling to class, and simply become their family.

That's how you help people survive. This is how a community is created.

Maayan Zweig is an Impact Development Consultant. See more of Maayan on Facebook.

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