New Feature Release: Reviews

We are thrilled to announce a new feature is now available, and now you can share your volunteering experiences.

Why does it matter?

Reviews and feedbacks are essential because they serve as a reference point for other volunteers and volunteer coordinators, making it easier for their colleagues to make an informed decision about where to volunteer.

Also, it provides the HR Manager or Admin with the chance to learn first hand about their team on the field or about the volunteering activity.

How does it work?

After wrapping up your volunteer activity, you will get a push notification asking you how it went. From there all you have to do - is share your experience.

* Reviews work best when you throw in a few words :)

You will find all the reviews for the activity in the admin dashboard.

Growing from feedback will help your organization improve in the long-run as you retain more volunteers and strengthen your team engagements.

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