New Feature Release: Upload your own activities!

Updated: Mar 7

Have you always thought about improving the world?

Now you can Do It Yourself!

Why does it matter?

Many of us share a desire to make a difference in others' lives, to make a difference in the world. With this new feature, you can upload and share your request for new volunteers straight from your Vee app. You can get associates to help you with whatever needs fixing.

How does it work?

Whatever you do, press the big red button!

You'll need to provide a title and a short description of your volunteer activity nature on the next screen.

Use a title that fully reflects who you are looking for and what they will be doing. For example: "Collecting Donations for Needy Families" or "At-Risk Youth Mentors."

You can elaborate on what the volunteer is expected to do in the description. For example: "Need strong men who can lift crates," "You will help children learn math through online tutoring."

The next step is to fill in the time and place for your activity.

Tick the ongoing volunteering for recurring activities.

The next screen asks you to fill in the contact details for this activity.

After that, you will need to upload a photo and add tags.

The picture of your volunteer activity is the first thing potential volunteers will notice on Vee's online marketplace. Choose an image that best represents your volunteer activity.

It's essential to tag your activity according to your activity's nature to draw in the right kind of volunteers. Our algorithm matches your volunteering roles to people with the most interest based on how you tag them.

Don't forget to click finish when you're done.

An admin will need to approve your activity once it has been created. We'll keep you informed and notify you if your request is approved or denied.

You can view all your activities on the "My Activities" screen, under the "Created by me" tab.

Good luck, enjoy your good time!

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