Vee are the People: Meet Daniel Kovler

This week, we catch up with Daniel Kovler - Founder of Atid Plus Organization and Ludus Technologies. We discuss life as an ADHD entrepreneur and the need for customized education in today’s world.

Kovler, 32, founded Atid Plus organization in 2013 after he could not find himself in the classroom. That experience changed in the army, where he was responsible for developing innovative techniques and methodologies for operational combat training.

Nowadays, He makes mathematics, science, and technology accessible to students like him, from the periphery.

If you have difficulty with math, focus, or reading, Daniel proves that such limitations will not preclude a bright future in school and beyond.

What brought you to found Atid Plus organization?

“The need for different and customized educational methods for each child. I wanted to change the way it was done because of my own pain. As a child in a broken education system, I got pushed with Ritalin at the age of 7 because they thought it was a lovely solution.”

Why do you think it is important to volunteer as a company?

"He who cares for days- Sows wheat, He who cares for years- plants trees, He who cares for generations- educate people."

Has working in Atid Plus changed you?

“I learned that I am softer than I knew myself as an officer in the Duvdevan unit in the Israeli Army. I learned to listen better to the needs of others.”

How do you keep your volunteers happy and motivated?

“I do not have to keep the motivation of the volunteers. They work with the kids and feel it right away.”

Tell us about a special event that happened while working at your organization.

“A student enlisted in the army and gave me a canvas painting with a sentence I would always tell him. On the back, he wrote, ‘Thank you for being like a Dad to me.’ ”

Visit Atid Plus website to learn more about personalized education methods.

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