Vee are the People: Meet Mor Yahav Peretz

This week's interview is with Mor Yahav Peretz, Recruitment Coordinator at Beit Ekstein, the largest organization in Israel that provides services for people with disabilities.

Read on to learn how she found the right job for her.

What brought you to this organization?

"The truth is it took me a while to come out with a statement of what career I am looking for. As a girl, when I was asked what I wanted to be, I didn't know what to answer. I think it makes sense that I felt that way because, as a child, you were not exposed to the variety of professions that the world of employment has to offer. I always remember that working with people interested me. At some point, I noticed that when I help them, the sense of satisfaction that accompanies it fills me so much that I realized that it's what I want and need to do."

Why did you choose to work as a recruiter?

"My role at Beit Ekstein, beyond the recruiting aspect, also includes sourcing and setting up projects. I love the combination of all the characteristics that create such a challenging and satisfying role for me. The combination of working with people, a diverse routine, collaborations with different organizations, setting up various social initiatives, and standing in front of an audience is so challenging and exciting to me that I really enjoy getting up to work every morning.

Of course, beyond the daily routine, knowing that the goal behind all my work is to help people with disabilities have a better life quality only upgrades my job's whole essence."

How does your routine day look like?

"My daily routine changes every time - there are days when I concentrate more on recruiting and contacting people. Other days I meet with representatives from various organizations / associations / academies, and together we initiate collaborations or projects to expose the organization to bigger audiences. Other days include visits to our different branches in the organization and acquaintance with the various people, posts on social networks, meetings, employment fairs.

Really every week for me is different from the other. I also have the legitimacy to shape my role based on my thoughts and intuition, as long as I manage to fulfill the requirements."

What is the most rewarding part of being a recruiter for you?

"Work is a very significant part of our lives, and we better do things that satisfy us because it is our fuel to keep motivating ourselves every day. The recruitment role is a role where you're exposed to a wide range of people. Working with people and especially with disabilities satisfies me so much that I have not seen myself compromising on anything else."

What are the challenges of being a recruiter?

"There is a difficulty that accompanies the frustration that I think every recruiter experiences, about the investment and energies spent in the recruitment process that does not reap fruit accordingly in the end. If these are candidates who are not sufficiently committed to the process and disappear during, or sometimes a lack of response from the managers I transfer candidates to.

During this time in the shadow of Corona, I also come across many job seekers who approach me. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't have roles that will suit their qualifications, and it's really hard for me time and time again to know that I can't help them."

Has working in the organization changed you? If so, how? Have you learned anything new about yourself?

"Yes, totally. Working at Beit Ekstein presents me with various challenges - whether it's standing in front of an audience, maintaining connections, the mental flexibility that my job requires. Especially during the Corona period, when we, while in motion, try to figure out how to adapt ourselves. I have slowly started to appreciate these situations where I am not in my "comfort zone" because this is where I am surpassing myself and evolving, and I'm loving it!"

What tips can you give to other recruiters?

"Something I learned about firsthand and I think is not just for recruiters but for all the people - if you want to do your job, or anything else, in the best way, be you.

Many times I have tried to be like, or act like - it doesn't work, it's not authentic and frustrating. Once you bring yourself to work and do your best, but really the best and without comparing yourself to others - the fruits will come. Appreciation and satisfaction will come. I am experiencing this now, and I enjoy the faith and support that the organization I work for gives me."

Tell about a recent event that affected you in some way.

"Admittedly, it is less related to me, but it moved me so much - one day, I got a picture showing an assistant tool of a child on the spectrum with difficulty communicating and speaking. He wrote that he loves the organization and is happy that we are helping him. For me, it's worth everything. Amidst all the routine, advertising, recruiting... to suddenly stop and see that I am a part of such a blessed and exciting work."

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