The Hunger Crisis

Updated: May 27

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World hunger is an alarming issue for many institutions and entities around the world. According to the World Food Programme, the UN’s food assistance branch, in 2020, roughly 272 million people in various countries where it operates were suffering from food insecurity. This is just one influence of the Covid-19 on world hunger, alongside additional facts about this unfortunate situation. Here are some additional facts about world hunger that can leave no one indifferent:

1. The World Food Programme cannot assist everyone

While the World Food Programme helps hundreds of millions worldwide, still 690 million people around the world are constantly hungry. But unfortunately, and despite the global efforts held daily, this number is continuously on the rise.

2. By 2030, more than 840 million people are expected to be hungry

Though multiple organizations are trying to tackle world hunger, including the UN, the WHO and UNICEF, still the number of hungry people around the world is expected to grow by approximately 150 million people by 2030.

3. COVID-19 is not helping the cause

In some countries, the COVID-19 starts to disappear slowly, while in others it is still highly present. Nevertheless, its impact may remain with us for a while, and its influence over world hunger is already highly visible. According to the state of food security and nutrition in the world report, the COVID-19 pandemic might add between 83 and 132 million hungry people in the world, in accordance with the economic growth scenario.

4. Hunger is not distributed equally

Some areas are poorer than others, and accordingly, they are also hungrier than others. As such, it might not be surprising that North America and Europe have less than 2.5% of the population malnourished, while Sub-Saharan Africa records a 22% of the population as hungry, thus leading the world in the category.

5. You can help!

Vee has many ways to get involved and help the fight against world hunger.

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