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Vee connects your employees to your company's mission to do good.

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No matter what size your business is - an established enterprise or a growing startup - Vee got a plan for you.

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Is Vee the right tool for your organization?

Mark         If you want to:

Increase a sense of commitment, belonging, and motivation among your team.

Develop your employees' abilities and skills to achieve better, more effective results.

Collaborate effectively between and within the various departments in your organization.

Improve your brand awareness, affinity, trust, and loyalty among your customers and investors.

Be a responsible business and take the lead on social and environmental change.

Anything Checked? 

Find how you can improve your company's impact with a custom-tailored, live demo of Vee.

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A simple way for teams to do good

We help brands create value-driven experience for their employees to know and love the brand they represent.


Choose from a variety of volunteer programs and opportunities, or create your own.


Increase participation with our personal mobile application and provide your members with a super simple volunteering experience.


Manage and track your team performance, export reports and get interesting insights about your workforce.


Boost employee engagement and satisfaction, create an unforgettable volunteer experience.

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